11.10.14: America In 36 Stamps, Separated @ Birth, & Good Gig

Nov 10, 2014

Credit Mike Rodriquez via flickr Creative Commons

Since they were first introduced in 1847, postage stamps have become a staple of American life and taste. On today’s show,  a look at America’s most memorable stamps, and why some were beloved, while others were surprisingly contentious. 

Also today, we continue our series Good Gig: conversations with people who have landed their dream job. We’ll talk to a wildfire fighter who rappels from helicopters into raging infernos, and feels lucky!

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America in 36 Stamps

Good Gig: Fire Rappeller

  • Jessica Crump is a fire rappeller, or officially, a wild land firefighter for the United States Forestry Service based out of Grants Pass, Oregon. 
  • You can read more about Jessica's Good Gig at this link.

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Separated @ Birth

StoryCorps: Twins

  • And now, a tale of love, marriage, and two sets of twins from StoryCorps. It was the summer of 1946...Hunny Feller and her identical twin sister, Bunny, were waitresses at a hotel. Another set of identical twins,  Elliot and Danny Reiken,  worked as musicians in a band there. Hunny and Elliot share the story.
  • You can listen to this story at storycorps.org.