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Civics 101 Student Contest 2021: Finalists and Winner

Anette Diaz of New Jersey is the winner of Civics 101's 2021 Student Contest

This spring Civics 101 hosts Nick Capodice and Hannah McCarthy asked K-12 students from around the Granite State and across the country to record a short audio or video clip using the prompt: There Ought To Be a Law.

They asked students to identify a problem and propose a law to help solve it.

This is the fourth year Civics 101 invited students to put their skills and interest to the test, as a hands-on way to explore the fundamentals of U.S. democracy and its institutions.

You can hear the full episode announcing the winners as well as commentary on these laws would fair in the halls of the legislature with NH State Senator David Watters here:


Anette Diaz (Egg Harbor Township, New Jersey)

This year's winner is Anette Diaz (Egg Harbor Township, New Jersey).  Hear her winning submission about supporting low income students, here:


And here are a few finalists:

Katharine Gage and Abby Stark

Katherine Gage (Windham, NH) and Abby Stark (Hooksett, NH) -- There Ought To Be A Law about taxing carbon emmission:

Katherine & Abby


Nestor Illijoski (New Jersey) -- There Ought To Be A Law about prison over-crowding:

Nestor Illijoski


Emily Cheng

Emily Cheng (California) -- There Ought To Be A Law about requiring life skills classes:

Emily Cheng


Tasfia Ahmad

Tasfia Ahmad (New Jersey) -- There Ought To Be A Law about menstral equity:

Tasfia Ahmad


And last but not least, our youngest entrant...here's Bryce from New Hampshire who thinks There Ought To Be A Law about cows having more room to be cows:

Bryce from NH