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When the temperatures dropped below zero for multiple nights last winter, local organizations and community leaders in Rochester came together to open the city's first emergency cold weather shelter. This was after other homeless shelters in the area had already filled up.

The mayors of Rochester, Dover, and Somersworth went on to form a regional council to address homelessness. 


The Mount Washington Observatory celebrated an anniversay on Friday. It's been 85 years since observers recorded a 231-mile-per-hour wind speed on the mountaintop.

Eric Kelsey is the Director of Research at the Mount Washington Observatory.

He says first-hand accounts from the researchers give a glimpse of that April day in 1934. 

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Marian Engström always had a few nagging suspicions about her boyfriend Tate. Before he died suddenly, she wondered about that faraway empty look in Tate's eyes, and was puzzled by a profound lack of empathy he sometimes displayed.

And then there was the time he said he found the body of a young woman who had been murdered. Did he really just find that young woman? Or was he somehow responsible for her death?

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One of the top podcasts on the charts right now imagines the U.S. in a massive blackout - no electricity, no cell phone service, and a potential conspiracy. It's called Blackout, a fictional story that’s set in Berlin, New Hampshire.

Governor Chris Sununu comes from one of New Hampshire's most prominent political families. His father, John H. Sununu, served as governor and later as chief of staff for former President George H.W. Bush. His brother, John E. Sununu, served as a U.S. congressman and senator. In the latest episode of Outside/In, a podcast about the outdoors, NHPR's Annie Ropeik and Sam Evans-Brown track the Republican Party's views on climate change over the years through the lens of this one political family.

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bill before the New Hampshire Legislature this session would require all school districts to provide suicide prevention training to faculty, staff, and volunteers. The bill has already passed the Senate and will move onto the House next week. 

A survey conducted by the National Alliance on Mental Illness in New Hampshire in 2014 found that most districts had no suicide prevention policy in place.

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Esports, or organized video game competitions, are growing in popularity at colleges and universities across the country. Two schools in New Hampshire have programs: Southern New Hampshire University and New England College. They are among the first 131 schools in the National Association of Collegiate eSports. For New England College in Henniker, N.H., the Esports program is seen as both another extracurricular activity for students, and a way for the school to try to attract more prospective students.


Pete and Gerry’s Organic Eggs, based in Monroe, New Hampshire, is facing a lawsuit backed by PETA, the animal rights organization.

The four plaintiffs in the suit, filed in a New York federal court earlier this month, are consumers who claim they were misled by the company’s marketing.

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The deaths of James and Lizette Eckert on Friday shook the community of Alton, especially because the Attorney General's office says an 11-year-old has been charged under juvenile laws. 

Because the alleged shooter is a juvenile, some unusual legal questions arise. 

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In the wake of snowy town meeting days in the past two years, lawmakers are considering a bill that would allow towns to delay their elections in the case of storms.

  Four years ago, some fourth-graders from Hampton Falls were met with disappointment as they watched House lawmakers tear apart a bill they crafted with the help of their teacher. The bill was to make the red-tailed hawk the official state raptor of New Hampshire, but it failed to pass in the House of Representatives.


This year, the same children, now eighth-graders, are bringing the bill back.

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  Today the New Hampshire House of Representatives voted 279 to 88 in favor of repealing the state’s death penalty. Lawmakers have voted on this issue many times in the past few years. It’s been vetoed by governors before, and it’s expected that Governor Sununu will veto it again this year.

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Last weekend, the Oscar for “Best Documentary” went to a film called Free Solo, which captures the rope-free climb of Alex Honnold up the awe-inspiring face of El Capitan in Yosemite National Park. Nobody had ever done a free solo climb of "El Cap" and it had previously been considered impossible. Free solo climbers use no ropes or equipment, so a single slip-up could mean a fatal fall to earth.

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New Hampshire has an embarrassment of riches when it comes to outdoor recreation opportunities. But some recreation groups and business leaders say the state isn’t doing enough to boost the recreation industry. They’re supporting legislative efforts to create an Office of Outdoor Recreation Industry Development.

The pages of romantic novels have long been where readers turn for fantasy and guilty pleasure. But as ideas around love and relationships change in society, the genre has gone through some changes, too.

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Musician Snatam Kaur is preparing for the most high-profile performance of her career. This Sunday, the Wilton-based recording artist will take the stage at the 61st Grammy Awards ceremony.  Kaur will perform “Darashan Maago,” a song on her latest album Beloved, which is nominated for best album in the new age category.

On Beloved, sacred Sikh mantras are set to devotional music. Kaur’s parents embraced Sikhism when she was young, and she says that greatly influenced her career as a musician.

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  Sunset Heights Elementary School in Nashua has a newly-elected state official walking its halls.

Fifth grader Lola Giannelli was sworn in at the Statehouse last week as New Hampshire’s first ever "Kid Governor."



A new report from Columbia University and First Street Foundation finds that sea level rise and associated tidal flooding have already soaked up value from the coastal New England real estate market.

Researchers say homes have forgone $400 million in relative value since 2005. And in New Hampshire, it has cost homeowners $15 million in lost value.


On Wednesday, Republican governors Chris Sununu and Phil Scott of Vermont announced a joint plan to bring voluntary paid family medical leave to the two states.

As NHPR's Robert Garrova reports, Governor Sununu outlined the plan, titled the Twin State Voluntary Leave Plan, which would allow for six weeks of paid leave to care for a child or spouse with a serious medical condition, among other qualifying events.