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North Country

Man Dies In Mudslide In Sandy's Aftermath

One person in New Hampshire has died as the result of the remnants of Hurricane Sandy sweeping the state.

A construction worker was killed in a mudslide Tuesday morning in Lincoln, says police chief Theodore Smith.

The worker was from the Lincoln-Woodstock area but his identity is being withheld for now.

Police chief Smith says the man was standing on a water-soaked embankment near a foundation hole that was flooded when the accident happened.

“The ground liquefied and he was carried down the embankment with rocks, mud and all the water that was in the hole. Basically the embankment became a dam and it burst," Smith said.

The worker was carried down the hill twenty or thirty feet and was buried when a co-worker reached him.

Police responded at 8:22 a.m. and when they arrived the man wasn’t breathing.

They began CPR but he was pronounced dead in the ambulance.

For NHPR News, this is Chris Jensen