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North Country

Northern Pass Eyes Part Of The Balsams

Chris Jensen for NHPR
The hotel and resort has been closed pending a sale. In addition to the hotel several thousand acres of forest land is also available.

The Northern Pass hydro-electric project is interested in buying a section of land associated with The Balsams Resort. If such a sale went through it’s likely to create a furor in the North Country. NHPR’s Chris Jensen reports.

One of the companies interested in purchasing a slice of the Balsams resort in Dixville Notch is Northern Pass.

“They have identified land that they would like.”

That’s Tom Deans.

He’s the president of the Tillotson Corporation. It has been hoping to stem financial losses by selling the resort.

But Northern Pass’ interest puts Tillotson in a rough position.

Tillotson is known for nurturing and protecting Coos Country, where there is strong opposition to the Northern Pass.

Northern Pass is looking for a route through Coos so can cut a right-of-way for the huge towers and high-voltage power lines.

Deans says his personal opinion about Northern Pass isn’t the issue. He has a fiduciary responsibility.

“My job as a trustee, you know, is to look at the potential for the sale of the assets of the Tillotson Corporation.”

Some individuals who are struggling to make ends meet have refused to sell to Northern Pass.

So, Tillotson selling would probably be seen by many as a surprise if not a betrayal.

For NHPR News this is Chris Jensen