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Top Stories: Free State Activist Found Guilty, and A Year Later, Still Coping With Irene's Damage

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Chris Jensen

A list of the top-ten most-read stories on nhpr.org.1) Free State Activist Found Guilty A Wisconsin man charged with illegally wiretapping Manchester city officials was found guilty and sentenced to just under three months behind bars.

2) Almost A Year Later, Still Coping With Irene's Damage It was a year ago at the end of this month that Tropical Storm Irene hit New Hampshire and when it comes to the White Mountain National Forest there are still plenty of unwelcome reminders.

3) LGC Must Refund More Than $50 Million To N.H. Cities And Towns  A hearings officer has ruled the Local Government Center must refund more than $50 million to its clients – New Hampshire cities and towns.

4) Hundreds Turn Out For N.H. Gay Pride Festival  This past Saturday at Manchester’s Veterans Memorial Park, more than 500 people showed up to support lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender rights. It was the first New Hampshire gay pride festival in 15 years.

5) Police Cancel Jaffrey Fireworks Festival Because Of Bomb Threat  Friday morning police received report of a written threat to Jaffrey town officials, the Chamber of Commerce and the Keene Sentinel newspaper. Police say the threat was directed at people attending the fireworks show.

6) A Plan To Move Forward With The Motels And Fun Of The Past  One might think that the mom-and-pop motels of the 50’s and 60’s have all been replaced by cookie-cutter nationwide chains. But some vintage lodgings in New Hampshire have found a way to prosper.

7) It's a Pot Roast in a Sandwich - and an Award-Winning One, at that  Northern New Hampshire may be home to the best sandwich in the state. The Food Network recently chose 50 of its favorite sandwiches, one for each state, and the winner in the Granite State was the Yankee Flip sandwich

8) How the State's Public Health Lab Tests for Hepatitis C All Things Considered host Brady Carlson talks with Dr. Christine Bean, who directs the New Hampshire Public Health Laboratory.

9) Republican Gubernatorial Candidate Ovide Lamontagne Our coverage of New Hampshire’s Gubernatorial Primary continues with Republican Ovide Lamontagne.

10) Granite State Students Suffer From "Summer Learning Loss"  Over the summer students forget so much of their schooling over vacation that it’s come to be called “summer learning loss.” In a three part series about the summer slide, NHPR’s Sam Evans-Brown tells us why summer activities have a lot to do with how students fare during the rest of the year.

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