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Top Stories: Writers on a New England Stage: Dan Brown, Latex Manufacturing in North Country

A roundup of the top-ten most-read stories on nhpr.org and StateImpact - NH website.

  1. Word of Mouth: Writers on a New England Stage: Dan BrownInternational bestselling author Dan Brown talks about science, religion, and life after the Da Vinci Code at a benefit performance for Writers on a New England Stage, live from the Music Hallin Portsmouth.
  2. North Country: Latex Manufacturing To Resume in North CountryIn some good news for the North Country an old family business is coming back to life.
  3. Arts & Culture: New Hampshire's Immigration Story - La Survivance and the Franco Americans   As first generation French Canadian mill workers turned to second and third generation, Franco Americans outnumbered all immigrant groups in New Hampshire. And their presence is felt today.
  4. NH News: New Hampshire's Immigration Story - The Influence of the IrishMore than one quarter of the city’s residents are now foreign born and of that, the Irish made up seventy three percent of them. But as New Hampshire’s first major immigrant group settled, the first major anti-immigrant feelings started brewing in our state as well.
  5. Environment: Energy Efficiency Programs Hang in the Political BalanceRepublican are working at finding common language on a bill that would weaken or repeal the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative, or RGGI. They will have to agree on a version that will get enough votes to overcome a governor’s veto.
  6. NPR - The Salt: Soft-Shell Lobsters So Soon? It's A Mystery In Maine   This year, strange things are happening on the ocean floor. Many of the lobsters have prematurely shed their hard shells, and lobstermen are hauling large numbers of soft-shelled lobsters much earlier than usual.
  7. The Exchange: New Hampshire's Immigration Story: Culture ClashesEvery group that has arrived in N.H. has experienced some conflict – whether between newcomers and long-time residents…or, within new immigrant groups themselves. As part of our series on New Hampshire’s Immigration Story, we’ll look at what difficulties tend to come up, again and again – also, how different people draw the lines between assimilation and maintaining their culture.
  8. NH News: Managed Medicaid Delay Proves CostlyThe Health and Human Services Commissioner expects the state’s new Medicaid program to begin in December. That’s 5 months later than planned. The state had planned on launching its new Medicaid program on July 1. It will cost the Department a little more than $1 million dollars a month until the new system is in place.
  9. NH News: New Hampshire's Immigration Story - The Anti-Russian RevolutionWorld War One was great for New Hampshire’s immigrant workforce, the mills were booming and jobs were plentiful. But as thousands of American returned home from war, there was a growing distrust of the immigrant in general and of Russians in particular.
  10. North Country: Body of Massachusetts Man Recovered from Tuckerman Ravine   The body of Norman Priebatsch who fell into a crevasse in the Tuckerman Ravine in April was recovered early Monday, May 21 after a search was suspended because of the crevasse's inaccessibility.
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