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We Asked, You Answered: How Has Your Life Changed Due To The Coronavirus?

Cori Princell / NHPR

It’s been about six months since the COVID-19 pandemic abruptly changed our lives. 

From the beginning, we’ve been asking you to share your experiences with us, to help in our understanding and reporting. 

As families prepare for a new school year and more of us get back to work, it may seem like things are returning to normal. But we’re still hearing plenty of uncertainty from you.

Click here to tell us about what your experience has been like through the pandemic

Here is some of what we’ve been hearing in our survey since Aug. 1:

"I am a veterinarian and UNH professor. As a professor at UNH everything has changed. Meetings via zoom and some classes too. Teaching veterinary technology during COVID means we are gowned and gloved during much of the day."
          — Sarah Proctor from Deerfield

“I've tried to focus on boosting my self-confidence; I was ripped from college in March so I need to learn to be happy without seeing my friends all the time. I’m now employed as an independent contractor delivering groceries.”
          — Nick Pittman from Merrimack

“I’m a self employed jeweler with a modest workshop in the village. Sales are not returning to normal. In order to maintain the safest environment for my store while operating by myself, I’m appointment only for services- no walk in traffic means no browsing and no impulse purchasing. My two part time staffers are laid off until I can figure out the liability end of having workers during COVID-19.”
          — Timothy Psaledakis from North Conway

“I was very sick in April with coronavirus and have lingering and recurring symptoms. I have had to close my yoga business and have not been around any groups of people.  I have stayed close to home and don't go anywhere I don't have to. I'm nervous about developing long term health issues, or getting sick again. I have found new employment where everyone works remotely except a couple of us. It's challenging to learn a new job when there is no one here to help.”
          — Maria Hanley from Mason

“I am a working kindergarten teacher. I started teaching remotely last March and will be starting the year remotely. I miss my students, classroom and colleagues. I’ve been very fortunate that my employers are doing everything they can to try and keep students and staff safe.”
          — Francesca Kennedy from Barrington

“My husband and self both contracted coronavirus. His case was very mild,  I was asymptomatic but we have both experienced trouble arching our breath when exerting ourselves.”
          — Martha Davidson from Derry

“I have had to work entirely remotely from home. I missed my college graduation because UNH did not have one. I do not really see my friends and my family mostly lives in Massachusetts so I have not seen my parents or my siblings for 6 months now. I cannot go to the gym and my mental health has been suffering. I’m worried about my student loans. The next incoming stimulus package doesn't seem to have any options for extending.”
          — Kayla from Dover

“My son-in-law’s grandmother died from the virus in a nursing home. That was very hard as no one was allowed in other than via Zoom.  In addition, there was no grieving at a funeral or other type of ceremony.”
          — Joanne Gersten from Hooksett 

“I am a full time teacher. I’ve had to change classrooms, pare down classroom toys, rearrange the room for some social distancing, prepare to clean much more often, etc.”
          — Donna Karwacki from Manchester

“Since our return from Florida in early March we have pretty much stayed at home. We sheltered in place for three or four weeks, getting groceries using Instacart, accepting delivery of a new computer bought at the local Staples from a curbside delivery, and ordering other necessary or desired merchandise via Amazon and Walmart delivery. While we have had a reliable retirement income for almost 20 years, we're concerned about its continuing. We also worry about our two grown sons and their families here in NH and in Vermont.”
          — Ted Lehmann from Keene

“I lost my job. Currently on unemployment. I am looking for temp or part time positions but at the same time, secretly hoping I don't find anything because it is scary out there. I’m not very comfortable going out to restaurants, hotels and recreation spaces. The only public event I have been to was last Saturday at the Palace Theater in Manchester to see a friend of my daughter's play in his band. The Palace did an awesome job of keeping everyone safe. But as we were leaving, my daughter said ‘Guess we will find out in 2 weeks if anyone got sick from this.”
          — Pat Lynch from Henniker

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