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Nashua Considers $500 Property Tax Credit for Veterans

Scott Webb

The Nashua Board of Alderman is looking at a proposed ordinance that would give veterans in the city a $500 property tax credit. 

Under this ordinance, veterans who had served at least 90 days of active service would be eligible. A previous tax credit in the city was limited to veterans who served only in certain wars or conflicts. 

It's unclear how many veterans in Nashua would be eligible. The city estimates the credit would cost $670,000.
Nashua Alderman Ben Clemmons says he supports the proposal. 

"The crux of the issue is: what can the city do for its veterans?" Clemmons says. "And there's no better thing the city can do than to give them a break on their property taxes. The other good part of this is hopefully it will encourage veterans to make Nashua their home."

Other New Hampshire cities, including Concord, Manchester, Portsmouth, Lebanon, and Keene offer some form of a property tax credit for veterans.

The Nashua Board of Alderman will vote on it next week. If approved, it'll go into effect April 1st. 

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