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Under Deal, SNHU to Take On Daniel Webster College Students, Faculty


Southern New Hampshire University has reached a deal with ITT Educational Services that will let students at Daniel Webster College in Nashua complete their degrees.

Under a “teach out” agreement, SNHU will take on all of the college’s 550 students, and says it will hire as many Daniel Webster College faculty members as possible.

Students with 90 or more credits will be able to earn a degree from Daniel Webster College this year, while all other students will be able to transition to SNHU programs.

New Hampshire Higher Education Commission Director Edward MacKay says a critical part of the deal was ensuring students could access federal financial aid.

“This is important obviously because they use those dollars to pay tuition, but also to support their living expenses, especially for students not on campus. It’s also used to purchase books and the semester has begun.”

The fate of the college was in question after ITT announced earlier this month it was closing its for-profit campuses across the country.

ITT bought Daniel Webster in 2009.

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