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Minority Birth Rates In NH Don't Match National Trends

For the first time in U.S. history, more babies are being born to minority parents than to non-Hispanic white parents. 

New census numbers show that as of last July, 50.4% of all babies born in the U-S are born to minority parents.  

Ken Johnson, a senior demographer at UNH’s Carsey Institute says it will likely be a long time before minority births outpace white births in New Hampshire.  But he says the state could still see some of the effects of a changing population.

“With the growing number of minorities in Massachusetts and other states to the south of us, it may be that it will accelerate to some extent the migration of minorities into New Hampshire.”

Johnson says the state’s minority child population is slowly growing.  About 12.2% of children in the state are minorities.  That compares to 6% of the adult population.