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Morning Shots: Not One But Two Bits Of Shark News

A cup of coffee.

It is with some joy, and also a little trepidation, that the entire Monkey See family welcomes the news that Sharknado 2 is a thing that will happen. Because really, is that singular Sharknado lightning terribly likely to strike twice?

On the other hand: The sequel will be set in New York City, so consider the quantity of hipsters who'll face flying piscine peril. [The Wrap]

In other shark-related news, this guy wrestled one into submission on the beach, and a headline writer won the internet. [CNN]

TV critic Mo Ryan considers Covert Affairs for its quieter moments — and for not making the blind guy's blindness the thing he's about. [The Huffington Post]

Do you follow NatGeo writer Andrew Evans on Twitter? You should, if only because he occasionally ends up in New Zealand, chasing lambs around a field, and then you get this picture.[@WheresAndrew]

Willa Paskin is not the first writer to say "hold up" to the Boo Boo bashers, but she's smarter than most about the way class and gender fuel critiques of Mama June. Worth a read, with Season 2 upon us. [Slate]

Wait, Bunheads hasn't been renewed yet? Get on that, ABC. [The AV Club]

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