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Car Raffle: Go Bold, then Go Home...

Patricia McLaughlin

After buying raffle tickets to support NHPR’s annual Summer Car Raffle, Greta Johansson of Concord was surprised and delighted to come out the big winner in the 2017 Car Raffle. When she went to claim her prize and pick out a new car, the federal employee from Concord knew exactly what she wanted, and in a very bold shade of blue.

Q: Greta! You’ve had nearly a year to enjoy your new car. Share with us what you chose and why.

Greta: I picked a Toyota RAV4 Hybrid; I was ready to turn the corner on hybrid, but not quite ready for all electric. I also wanted all-wheel drive and something a little larger than my prior car, but not too large. The RAV4 fit that bill. Plus, it came in a beautiful "electric storm blue." Color mattered to me. A lot.

Q:  Any fun road trips/funny stories to share about your vehicle?

Greta: I haven't had the chance yet to take time off and take a real road trip. However, I've met new people driving the same car. We seem to enjoy parking next to each other; it happened again just recently at Polly's Pancake Parlor.

Q: You were bold in your choice of car color. Tell us why.

Greta: Color matters. Every day when I leave the house, my car is the first thing I see—it's how I start most days, so a good color starts my days off better. Also, for safety purposes, I didn't want a color that fades from view or blends into the pavement at dusk or in the rain. When I first started car shopping, that was one of my first points with Vince, the sales person—"while the quality of the car matters, it has to be pretty..."

Q:  Sodoes your car have a name?

Greta: I've never named a car but have been thinking about it—nothing appropriate has come to mind yet. It did prompt me to get a vanity plate for the first time: EYE1IT.


Q: Make us jealous. Are you a first time winneror had you been doing the car raffle for years?

Greta: I have been buying raffle tickets since moving here but that's only 7 years; I never thought I'd win, or if I did, it would be the kayak. The kayak is indeed a wonderful gift, but it's the one gift I would not be able to use. Having been a big winner, now I feel like I can never buy raffle tickets again, so I will support public radio in other ways.

NHPR’s Summer Car Raffle is going on now; click here for more information

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