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Anthem Extends Insurance Renewal Date For Second Time

NHPR Staff

Anthem Blue Cross says it’s extending the renewal date for canceled health insurance plans to December 16. 

Last month, the company sent cancelation notices to 22,000 New Hampshire customers because current plans didn’t satisfy stricter new protections in the Affordable Care Act. Customers looking to renew originally had until November 15 to start the process, though that deadline was pushed back to December 1. Today's announcement gives policyholders an additional two weeks.

"It’s important to note that we have already offered our individual non-grandfathered members the option to continue on their current benefits with renewed policies for the upcoming year," Anthem spokesman Chris Dugan writes in a statement. "We believe it is important to stay the course with this approach, in the interest of the longer term viability of our products both on and off exchange."

Anthem is the state’s largest carrier and the only one selling insurance plans in the new exchange marketplace in 2014. 

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