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For Struggling Youth, The Webster House A Second Home

Courtesy of The Webster House

The Webster House is a children's home in Manchester that has been in operation since 1884, caring for youth who are unable to live at home.

Gabrielle Dante came to The Webster House when she was in her mid-teens. She had been experiencing problems at home and at school, and was struggling to overcome an eating disorder.

"It was just so much easier to push everyone away, and I did not give that up for a very long time," Dante says. She attributes her eventual turnaround to the Webster House staff's unwavering support. "I started to realize, after all my struggling and resisting, that if I didn't take advantage of what I had around me, I would be missing a great opportunity to grow and become a better person."

The Webster House gave Dante what she described as "an amazing support system." She says she became more confident, and learned how to have healthier relationships; not only with others, but with herself.

The Webster House also helped Dante foster her interests. She started writing stories during her stay there, and when she wanted to travel to India - what she calls a "wild, outlandish dream" - they helped her plan for the trip.

"The little things that the staff at The Webster House did for me added up. It's truly amazing how much they've affected my life."