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Families First

The Families First Health and Support Center is a community health center that provides services regardless of ability to pay. Sue and Kellie are a mother and daughter who have received health care services at the center.

Sue: I actually work a part time job and I just started a second part time job. Families First has saved me because I don’t have insurance and I can’t afford it. Even if they offered it to me at work I couldn’t afford the insurance at all because I just don’t make enough. Families First has a sliding scale, it’s based on how much you make as to how much you have to pay so they’re very affordable and they make sure you can be able to see doctors, dentists, whatever you need.

Kellie: So you don’t even have to leave Portsmouth, you don’t have to go to Exeter, you don’t have to go anywhere; you can just go to this one building and they have everything there.

Sue: I had a mammogram done but then the last two times they’ve actually found something each time. But then they got me the programs that helped me go and have the biopsy done – and thank god it was nothing. I’ve also gone to the diabetes clinics. They’ve also helped me stop smoking. They helped provide the medication that’s so unaffordable if you don’t have insurance or anything, but they helped provide that because they have a medication program too. I’ve quit smoking this year, so I felt good about that.

Kellie: My daughter is now two and a half years old and when I was pregnant with her I had nowhere else to turn.  They did the prenatal care and prenatal groups which helped a lot too.

Sue: To me Families First, the name is what says it all, Families First, everything is about families. If there’s something that a family needs, for any reason, they’ll help you find what you need.

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