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N.H. Community Colleges To Cut Tuition By 5 Percent Next Year


The state’s seven community colleges will cut tuition by 5 percent next year.

For in-state students taking a full-time, 12-credit course load at a community college, the reduction will mean an annual cost of about $4,800.

That’s down from just more than $5,000 this year.

Chancellor Ross Gittell says before Wednesday’s vote, he couldn’t recall the Board of Trustees ever voting to actually reduce tuition.

“This is quite unusual for any institution of higher ed to actually lower tuition. And it’s really focused on the needs of our students and to try to enhance accessibility to public higher education in New Hampshire.”

He says lowering the cost especially critical, as more community college students are ultimately moving on to four-year schools.

Community colleges froze tuition for the current school year, after lawmakers brought their funding back to what it was before being cut in the previous two-year budget.

In-state students make up 95 percent of New Hampshire’s community college enrollment.

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