Top Stories: Wind Power Takes A New Turn; Business To Educators: More STEM Grads

Dec 3, 2012

Credit Donna Hiltz / NHPR

1. The Exchange: Wind Power Takes A New Turn In The Granite State

A proposed wind farm in the Newfound lake area has once again raised familiar themes in New Hampsire:  A desire for the Granite state to use more clean energy, versus local concerns over property values, as well as impacts on the environment and tourism.

2. StateImpact NH: New Hampshire Ranked As "Most Expensive Place To Raise Children"

In an article for The Fiscal Times, reporter Steve Yoder calculated the cost of raising children by state, using the following:

  • Average yearly cost of full-time child care
  • Average yearly housing cost
  • Average in-state tuition and fees at public university
  • Average yearly food costs by region

Based on these metrics, New Hampshire came in first for most expensive state in the country in which to raise children.

3. Education: Businesses To Educators: More STEM Grads Now

Higher Education officials and Business leaders gathered for a forum on how to increase the number of New Hampshire STEM graduates – that’s Science, Technology, Engineering and Math. But while it was Community Colleges and Universities talking about the issue today, the lack of interest in STEM is a problem at every level of the American education system.

4. NH News: Indictment Arrives For Hepatitis C Suspect

A former hospital employee at the center of a Hepatitis C outbreak in New Hampshire is facing new federal charges. David Kwiatkowski was arrested in July for stealing syringes filled with pain medication. Officials say he would inject himself and then reuse the needles on patients, infecting at least 30 with Hepatitis C.

Credit Roger Wood

5. NH News: Seabrook Engineers Continue To Study Deteriorating Concrete

Officials from the Seabrook Nuclear Plant say the plant is operating safely, despite concrete deterioration found in some structures.

6. Word of Mouth: The Audio Orchard for December

The Audio Orchard explores music being made right here in New England, and introduces you to artists that find their way here while on tour. Each month, we hand pick a variety of songs to sample.

7. North Country: Snow Squalls, Accidents In North Country

A series of snow squalls hit parts of the North Country early Thursday night, causing a series of accidents including one that temporarily closed northbound Interstate 93 in Franconia.

Credit Sheryl Rich-Kern

8. NH News: Record Hunting Season Means Good Business For Taxidermists

For taxidermists like Rick Bewersdorf, business is booming. Rifle season for whitetail deer began only a couple of weeks ago. But already, wildlife officials say the state has topped its record for registered deer kills  compared to the previous nine years.

9. Politics: Nashua Representative-Elect Stacie Laughton Resigns

Nashua Representative-elect Stacie Laughton says she will resign.  In November, she was elected to represent Hillsborough County House District 31.

10. The Exchange: Will The Medical Marijuana Debate Return To The Granite State?

The rest of New England now allows use of marijuana for certain health conditions.  And with a Governor-elect saying she’s open to the idea here….supporters are feeling hopeful.  But opponents still have many concerns, among them: that medical marijuana would be hard to control, encouraging use by those who aren’t even sick.