Top Stories: New Portsmouth Business Combines Books With Beer; Low Levels Of Arsenic In Groundwater

Dec 10, 2012

Credit Peter Domingos

1.     Arts & Culture: New Portsmouth Business Combines Books With Beer

With increased competition from online booksellers like Amazon, local bookstores have been hard hit especially here in New England. But one new bookstore in Portsmouth has created a business model that just might have staying power.

2.     Environment: USGS: Low Levels Of Arsenic In 40 Percent Of N.H. Groudwater

A new study out from the US Geological Survey finds that low levels of Arsenic are present in 40 percent of New Hampshire’s groundwater.

Credit wootam! via Flickr Creative Commons

3.     Word of Mouth: The (Truly) Shocking History of Monopoly

I hate Monopoly. Always have. The reason is simple: it's impossible to play the game and feel good, even if you win. Monopoly, simply put, is all about crushing  your fellow players through bankruptcy, even if they're your own kids. Turns out, there might be a reason for my hatred of Monopoly.

4.     The Exchange: The Church and State Debate

Many use the First Amendment to argue their notion of religious liberty, which is defined as both freedom from government involvement in religion and freedom to practice one’s faith.  But disagreements abound over these matters, whether it’s prayer at public meetings, polling places at churches, or substituting the term “holiday” for Christmas.

5.     The Exchange: The Vermont Yankee Debate Heats Up!

The nuclear power plant on the banks of the Connecticut River has been touted as a renewable energy source and criticized for its safety record. In recent months, both supporters and opponents have been turning out in force to debate the plant’s economic, environmental, and safety impacts, as legal battles continue in both federal and state arenas.

Credit Flikr Creative Commons / Unhindered by Talent

6.     Environment: Wanted: Berlin Moose Poacher

New Hampshire Fish and Game is working to catch Moose poachers in Northern New Hampshire. But earlier this fall, the department worked to catch two Canadians poaching over the US – Canadian Border.

7.     Health: Telemedicine In New Hampshire Gets Boost

Let’s say you are one of the 904 or so residents of Warren, New Hampshire. Let’s say you get sick. “Today, they have one of two options,” says Shawn Tester, who runs the day-to-day operations at Ammonousuc Community Health Services. “They either do without. Or they have to travel, oh, I don’t know, 45 miles to our Littleton office to receive that consultative service.” But now Tester can offer patients another option: telemedicine.

8.     NH News: Young Adult Employment In N.H. Booming, But How Good Are The Jobs?

Seventy-two percent of young adults age 20 to 24 in the Granite State had a job last year.  That’s according to the Annie E. Casey Foundation’s Youth and Work report. But Alan Blake with the New Hampshire Institute of Technology says the quality of jobs graduates are finding has gone down in recent years.

Credit Michael Brindley, NHPR

9.     NH News: Ayotte: We’ll Have A Female President In My Lifetime, But It Won’t Be Me

While seen as a rising star in her party, Republican Senator Kelly Ayotte says she has no plans to be the nation's first female president.

10.  NH News: Record Hunting Season Means Good Business For Taxidermists

For taxidermists like Rick Bewersdorf, business is booming. Rifle season for whitetail deer began only a couple of weeks ago. But already, wildlife officials say the state has topped its record for registered deer kills  compared to the previous nine years.