Top 3 High-Tech Marriage Busters

Dec 3, 2012

We discussed the quickly-developing market for spousal surveillance technology with Wall Street Journal reporter Jennifer Valentino. You can listen to her interview here:

In the meantime, we were surprised to learn how marriage and divorce are being affected by technology...and how quickly it's all happened:

1) Social Media: Breeding Ground for Evidence

The American Academy for Matrimonial Lawyers published a study in which 81% of divorce lawyers cited Facebook as the primary source of spousal evidence in their cases.

Credit macropako via Flickr Creative Commons

2) There's an app for that!

After the scandal, technology keeps on giving! Santa Rosa resident George Moskoff has created the iSplit, an iPad application that makes the complex negotiations of divorce simple and easy.

Credit via The Press Democrat

3) Spy Gadgets 'R Us

Spying on your spouse is easier than ever now that so many websites are selling gear that seems more "Homeland" than home-y. Click here for access to an extensive spy-equipment marketplace, courtesy of the World Wide Web.