Nashua Chamber Supports Northern Pass

Dec 4, 2012

The Northern Pass hydro-electric project has a new supporter: The Greater Nashua Chamber of Commerce.

The chamber endorsed the project because it believes it will help lower energy bills for businesses, said the chamber’s president and CEO, J. Christopher Williams.

“We have a lot of our large and mid-size companies in southern New Hampshire who are very big consumers of electricity and we are watching our energy costs go up in the future and we are trying to find ways to alleviate that,” he said.

“ And, we believe the Northern Pass will allow us to diversify our energy resources while also providing some lower rates in the future.”

Williams says 24-member board of directors studied both sides of the issue for three months and recently voted unanimously in favor of Northern Pass.

Earlier this year the Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce also voiced its support,  noting lower energy costs and that Northern Pass has promised about 1,200 construction jobs over three years.

Northern Pass officials have said once the project is built there will be a handful of full-time jobs.

And earlier this year an industry group whose members would compete with the Northern Pass disputed the jobs claim, saying the number would be closer to 600.

Northern Pass officials said they stood by their estimate.