Kaine Talks Student Debt, Paid Family Leave with Millennials in Portsmouth

Sep 15, 2016

Virginia Senator and Democratic vice presidential candidate Tim Kaine spoke to a group of millennials about workforce development in Portsmouth today.

Tim Kaine appeared alongside a panel from the group Stay Work Play, a nonprofit focused on attracting young professionals to New Hampshire.

Kaine outlined his and Hillary Clinton’s policy proposals on key issues for this demographic – from allowing young people to refinance their student debt, to a paid family leave program that would offer 12 weeks of paid leave for either parent.

Along the way, Kaine used each issue to draw contrasts with Donald Trump. Here he is criticizing Trump’s plan that would give new mothers six weeks of paid leave:

“Maternity leave kinda has a 1990s feel to it, right? It’s not 2016. Because in 2016 not only do women take off to take care of kids when they’re born, but men do too. And that’s a good thing not a bad thing.”

Kaine also offered support for the extension of commuter rail from Boston to southern New Hampshire, saying in its first 100 days, the Clinton administration would prioritize investments in infrastructure projects around the country.