On His Final N.H. Campaign Swing, Rubio is Nice To His Critics, Too

Feb 8, 2016

Florida Senator Marco Rubio spoke to voters in Nashua just a few miles from where started his campaign in the state ten months ago. The main idea he offered to folks in this gymnasium: He’s the one candidate who can bring the Republican Party together. 

While his GOP opponents have been attacking Rubio out on the trail and in interviews, Rubio’s only real mention of them was to say he liked them all. 

He told the crowd that electing him would be a turning point in American history.

"The time has come for us to turn the page. And it brings us a new economy with new challenges but also new opportunities," Rubio said. "And I want us to embrace those opportunities. And it starts tomorrow in New Hampshire."

Rubio thanked the people who he said welcomed him here in the state. A few minutes before Rubio made it on to the stage, a handful of protesters chanting the word “inexperience” were whisked away. The candidate thanked them too.

"I also want to thank the people who were out here screaming a few minutes ago because that means they’re not out getting voters!"

And maybe because all the polls still point to Donald Trump far in the lead, Rubio said, “I believe we’re going to do as well as we can.” But he also pledged, hands in the air, that he’d be the guy back in November.