GOP Executive Committee Censures House Speaker Jasper

Dec 16, 2014

Credit Allegra Boverman for NHPR

House Speaker Shawn Jasper was censured Monday night by the executive committee of NH's republican party.

The censure resolution, which was adopted on a 17-9 vote, says Jasper placed his own interest above the interest of the Republican party when he opposed former house speaker Bill O'Brien in the race for the house's top job.

The censure carries no penalty but won adoption over a weaker sanction that sought to express the GOP's "unqualified disapproval."

Jasper's censure comes as he prepares for a house republican caucus meeting called for Wednesday.

Later Tuesday morning, the man Jasper edged  to win election as speaker, O'Brien, has scheduled his own caucus for house republicans. One purpose of that meeting is to elect a house majority leader, a job Shawn Jasper had already given to Brookline lawmaker Jack Flanagan.