Cain Continues to Reassess

Nov 30, 2011


Republican Herman Cain says he’s continuing to reevaluate the future of his presidential campaign. NHPR’s Josh Rogers reports Cain says he needs to talk to his wife before deciding if he stays in the race. 

Herman Cain called the allegation he’d been involved in a long-term extramarital affair “trumped up” and said it showed the length his opponents would go to derail his campaign. But Cain also acknowledged the alleged affair, which follows earlier allegations of sexual harassment, is prompting him to rethink his candidacy.

"As a businessman that’s what we do, we reassess and reevaluate. I have said before I do not back decision based on a knee-jerk reaction. There are several things that we are reevaluating."

Those include the effect his run is having on his family, and whether he has the support and ability to fundraise he’d need to continue. Cain gave no timetable for making a final decision, but says he will sit down with his wife this weekend.