9.25.14: The Science Of Happier Spending & The N.H. Highland Games

Sep 25, 2014

Credit Bart via flickr Creative Commons

The old adage goes, “money can’t buy you happiness”, but maybe you’re just not spending it right. From paying for experiences to spending on others, we'll look at the science of smarter, happier spending. Plus, NHPR's North Country reporter Sean Hurley attended the Highland Games last weekend and ran into 'The Mountain' on Loon Mountain.

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Happy Spending

  • Elizabeth Dunn is a rising star in the field of behavioral science. She co-authored the book Happy Money: The Science of Happier Spending with Michael Norton. The book presents new research proposing that if money can’t buy happiness, you must not be spending it right.

The Life of Cavemen, Outside of the Cave

  •  Anthropological archeologist Margaret Conkey talks about her project “Between the Caves” which pushes archeological research beyond the caves, into the landscapes where Paleolithic people lived and thrived.

Highland Games

  • This past weekend some 20,000 people gathered at Loon Mountain for the 39th annual Highland Games. They ate haggis, tasted whiskey, saw trees thrown and rocks lifted. NHPR’s Sean Hurley was there and brings us some scenes from the games.