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Word of Mouth

NHPR's First Facebook Posts

[ Mooi ] via flickr Creative Commons

To say "happy 10th birthday" to Facebook, Word of Mouth asked the staff of NHPR: What was your first Facebook status update?

Here's what they shared:

Taylor Quimby- There is no sanctity for even my most solemn oath; for I have joined Facebook.

Maureen McMurray-  is abusing her updates privileges

Brady Carlson-  is the cleverest romantic comedy since "The Wedding Planner"

Rebecca Lavoie Flynn- 's whole life just changed

Kelly Mahony- is looking at the beautiful NE foliage from my window while spending too much time setting up Facebook!

Sara Plourde- is running her fingers through the printmaking presses.

Anna Moskov- is just getting started with Facebook to see if I can use this for a project at work. Holy overwhelming.

Beth Szelog- is freaked out by Facebook

Michael Saffell- In beautiful Berlin, NH today (including a picture of a moth on the side of the transmitter building)

Virginia Prescott- never considered naming a child Trig

What was your first Facebook status update? Share it on the Word of Mouth Facebook page, of course.