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Word Of Mouth 01.18.14

Taylor Quimby

Like a good music festival, Word of Mouth's Saturday broadcast satisfies your tastes, but also challenges them.  We've got some headliners that you really look forward to hearing - and some unexpected rookies that you might have missed if we didn't put them in the lineup.  And even better, you'll never have to wait in line for a Porta-potty.  So pop in your earbuds or turn up the woofer - here's what's coming up:

  • Rethinking Catholicism:  As part of our month-long series "Rethink 2014", we talk with Father James Martin, editor-at-large of the Jesuit magazine, America, about whether Pope Francis is ushering in a new era for the Catholic Church.
  • From Rocker To Raffi: a conversation with Chris Ballew, frontman for The Presidents of The United States of America, about making children's music under the alias "Caspar Babypants".
  • Help Name Word Of Mouth's Kid's Song!  Armed only with a ukulele and a kazoo, producer Taylor Quimby tried his hand at making music for public radio's youngest backseat listeners... there's only one problem: his new track needs a name!  Listen and make your suggestion here.
  • Between The Caves: A look at why archeologist Margaret Conkey has pushed research beyond the caves, where archeologists have spent much of their time, and into the landscapes where Paleolithic people lived and thrived.
  • Winter Weather Hype:  From the polar vortex, to "Winter Storm Hercules", Washington Post Weather Editor Jason Samenow on what forecasts are worth paying attention to.

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