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Tackling Youth Concussions Head-On

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New research finds that younger athletes are more susceptible to head injury than once thought, take longer to recover, and are more at risk for suffering second concussions. Now, New Hampshire may join a growing list of states asking coaches and trainers to monitor these injuries more closely.  We talk with experts on head trauma in youth sports. 


Dr. William Storo: Pediatrician at Dartmouth-Hitchcock Pediatrics. He will be presenting at the Concussion Awareness program co-sponsored by Dartmouth-Hitchcock Concord and the Concord Family YMCA on May 22nd. 

Kevin O'Brien: Athletic Director for Merrimack High School and Division 2 President of the NH Athletic Association.

We'll also hear from:

Matt Houde: Democratic State Senator and primary sponsor of SB 402, which would require high school athletes to be pulled from play if a concussion is suspected. 

For information on an upcoming event on this topic: Concussion Awareness Event.