weight lifting

How To Get Swole

Dec 14, 2018

By some counts, there are more than 600 different muscles in the human body. Some say 700. Others put the number at 800.

Muscles can be wide or flat. They can be shaped like triangles or diamonds or circles. They can be puny. Or, they can be huge… like John McLean’s muscles.

John McLean is deep in training for an amateur bodybuilding competition. In case this isn’t your sport of choice, bodybuilders lift weights to grow and sculpt their muscles but when they compete on stage, they’re judged by their posing and flexing. They don’t lift anything.

Get Swole

Dec 14, 2018

Today, two stories about different kinds of ambition: one a desire to sculpt the body and the other a desire to sculpt legislation. NHPR reporter Todd Bookman followed one amateur bodybuilder as he prepared for his first competition. Then, we learn all about propositions - the civic kind - from Civics 101.