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Kim Cummings

Sometimes, the clothes hanging in the closet hold dreams about who we could become.

Peter Biello

Governor Chris Sununu recently signed a bill into law that would eliminate the requirement that hair braiders obtain a license to do their work. These licenses were often expensive to obtain and, some argued, unnecessary, in part because no potentially dangerous chemicals are involved.

This could open the door to employment for workers, many of whom are African American, who learned this skill at a young age from family members.

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Once the customary hairstyle of ballerinas and librarians, the bun has been making a comeback - this time on the heads of lads. Man buns have even topped the heads of Hollywood stars like Jared Leto, Jake Gyllenhaal, and Chris Hemsworth, and have trickled down to the streets of Brooklyn, LA, Portland, and even into Middle America. 

But not everyone covets the Man Bun. Many people, including Brian Moylan of TIME and James Corden, host of the Late Late Show, have been ready to end the trend – but as anyone walking through Williamsburg or Bushwick can see, their pleas have fallen on deaf ears. 

Style for the Ages (and the Aged!)

May 22, 2012

Not everybody can make white hair and over large glasses look fashionable – but then few carry have the flair of 90-year old socialite and now makeup mogul, Iris Apfel. One of the striking subjects of a new book by Ari Seth Cohen called Advanced Style. The book, like the blog which inspired it, puts New York City’s stylish woman past a certain age on parade.