national oceanic and atmospheric administration

The University of New Hampshire will join a new consortium of research institutions to explore three billion acres of U.S. ocean. The research at UNH will focus primarily on ocean mapping and data visualization.

“What I think people don’t realize is how little of the ocean is known,” said Larry Mayer, principal investigator for UNH on the project. “Only about 6-10 percent of the ocean has ever been mapped. So that leaves 90% that is totally unknown.”


Virginia State Parks via NOAA

Scientists have narrowed down the top likely cause of more than 1,400 seal deaths across New England in recent months.

But they say the "unusual mortality event" appears to be ending as cold weather sets in.

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration says the main pathogen found in the stranded seals was phocine distemper virus.

It commonly affects seals and could affect pets, but can't be transferred to humans.

Blue Ocean Society

A fishing crew from Massachusetts is accused of harassing a humpback whale off Rye Harbor Thursday. A federal investigation could follow.

Dianna Schulte of the Blue Ocean Society was whale-watching in the area Thursday when she says she saw the Gloucester-based vessel Western Wave use its purse seine net to encircle a humpback whale and the herring she was eating.