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The Nashua Telegraph will scale back its print editions to Sundays only as the coronavirus continues to reshape the local news industry in New Hampshire.

Many local print outlets have laid off staff and cut production due to a loss of advertising revenue. Now, The Telegraph says it will turn its focus to its online edition and begin printing only on Sundays.

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The Role Of Local Journalism In New Hampshire

Apr 26, 2019

Nationally, newspaper readership is way down, but we talk with four New Hampshire publishers about how they're adapting and thriving.  We also examine new research on the impact of when a local paper goes away: with no journalistic oversight, taxes often go up and incumbent politicians face less competition

Sarah Gibson for NHPR


The Suncook Valley Sun, a community newspaper serving the towns of Pittsfield, Barnstead, Chichester, Northwood, and Epsom, is shutting down later this month.

The free paper was delivered weekly to about 8,000 residents. It included press releases about community events and fundraisers, as well as articles, obituaries and letters to the editor from area residents.