St. Paul's Denies All Blame for Sexual Assault In Civil Lawsuit

Aug 10, 2016

St. Paul's School, the private boarding school in Concord, says it can’t be blamed for a sexual assault that occurred on its campus two years ago. The school is responding to a civil lawsuit the victim’s family filed against St. Paul's earlier this summer.

In the 64-page court filing- St. Paul’s says the school could not have prevented the sexual assault, and says the details of the incident are in dispute.

Look below for St. Paul's full response.

Owne Labrie, a senior at the time, was convicted of assaulting a then-freshman female. Labrie told the jury at trial that the two never had sex and that the romantic encounter was consensual. The victim, however, testified that Labrie forced himself on her. 

In the lawsuit, the victim’s family accuses the school of failing to protect their daughter by allowing a culture of sexual conquest on campus. The school denies knowing about a so-called "Senior Salute" tradition, in which seniors tried to hook up with underclassmen.

Labrie was sentenced to one year for having sex with a minor. He’s currently out on bail while he appeals to the New Hampshire Supreme Court.

 St. Paul's Full 64-page Response Filed this Week in U.S. District Court