'Poor People's Campaign' Holds Third Rally At N.H. State House | New Hampshire Public Radio

'Poor People's Campaign' Holds Third Rally At N.H. State House

May 29, 2018

About eighty people gathered outside the statehouse for the Poor People's Campaign third rally.
Credit Daniela Allee / NHPR

About 80 people gathered outside the New Hampshire State House for a third rally of the Poor People's Campaign. Speakers focused on what they call "the war economy" and gun violence. 

After marching around the capitol building, speakers and protestors went in to the Hall of Flags, where they held a "teach-in."

Topics discussed included veterans' mental health, nuclear weapons and imperialism.

For Vietnam War veteran Bob Ehlers and his wife Eileen, this was their first Poor People's Campaign demonstration, but not the first time they've protested what they call the war economy. 

"Now I'm not in any way talking negatively about the men and women who are in it," he said. "But the the machinery that the process behind it is basically corrupt. It takes a huge amount of money out of the budget."

Eileen Ehlers said she thinks these protests make a difference. 

"New Hampshire is a small state, and I think it's very impactful in a small state when several people step forward, and say I'm risking my freedom," she said. 

There are three more rallies planned in Concord as part of the nationwide Poor People's Campaign.