Parties Continue To Negotiate On Medicaid Expansion

Nov 14, 2013

House and Senate leaders continue to debate an expansion of the state’s Medicaid program to more low-income New Hampshire residents.

A key difference between the two sides is how quickly New Hampshire moves an estimated 35,000 individuals from Medicaid into the exchange to obtain private insurance.  

House leaders and the Governor say the GOP’s plan to shift people in 2015 won’t work. Republicans, including Senate Majority Leader Jeb Bradley, are defending their proposal.

“I think this is immenently achievable,” says Bradley. “We are trying to meet the Governor half way. We are trying to get the program started as early as possible, that’s important to the Governor. But we will, if a program is going to go forward, stick to our reforms.”

Negotiations continue on Medicaid expansion plans. The two chambers are scheduled to vote November 21st on a final package.