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Outside/In: Exploring Moss and Mold

May 22, 2020

In the latest installment of our series Inside/In, short science stories for families and individuals who want to discover how the natural world ties us together even when we're stuck inside, we explore a pair of organisms that we often just step right over or immediately pitch into garbage.

Meet our friends, mold and moss.

Taylor Quimby

Mold can be gross, and even dangerous to your health, But it can also be delicious. Cheesemakers want mold to colonize their cheese. The threads of mold snake through the cheese, breaking down, eating proteins and literally creating the flavors that many people have come to know and love as a byproduct.

Want to try your own mold experiment?

All you need is some bread and some plastic bags.

Phineas Quimby sets up his mold experiment
Credit Taylor Quimby

Dirty hands: Rub your unwashed hands on one piece of bread and then place it in a plastic bag with a little air. Seal it shut. Be sure to label it so you can keep track.

Clean hands: Give your hands a good scrub and rub your hands all over a second slice of bread. Place that bag in another bag. Seal it shut. Give that one a label as well.

Optional object: Rub another piece of bread over something else in your house - a door knob, the microwave or fridge handle. Give it a good rub and put that piece of bread in another bag. Seal it up.

Tape the bags up somewhere so you can watch what happens… and then wait.

Erika Janik

Erika Janik's favorite patch of local moss
Credit Erika Janik

When getting to know these tiny plants, it can be helpful to have a guide. A Visit to the Miniature Forest is available to download for free, and includes photos and descriptions of common types. Annie Martin's website Mountain Moss is also a great resource.

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