Obama, Clinton Rally Democrats in Concord

Nov 4, 2012

President Bill Clinton, Senator Jeanne Shaheen, Governor John Lynch and President Barack Obama wave to the crowd in downtown Concord
Credit Brady Carlson / NHPR

President Barack Obama and former President Bill Clinton rallied a crowd of 14,000 people in Concord New Hampshire Sunday. It was Mr. Obama’s final bit of local campaigning, and it came in the wake of new UNH poll that shows him in a tie with Republican Mitt Romney.

New Hampshire has just 4 electoral votes but you wouldn’t know it the way the both presidential campaigns are stumping here. This rally brought our democrats in force. Senator Jeanne Shaheen and Governor John Lynch urged the President’s re-election. The Former President Bill Clinton made his case. 

“Are we better off than we were 4 years ago, when we were losing 800k jobs a month? Are we moving in the right directions?” he asked a cheering crowd.

President Obama, meanwhile, stressed the race will soon be in voters hands.

“You have the power. You will be shaping the decisions for this country for decades to come right now,” he said.

The visit was the President’s seventh trip to New Hampshire this year. Mitt Romney campaigned in Portsmouth Saturday morning. Romney will return Monday night for a late night rally with singer Kid Rock.