NHPR's 'State of Democracy' App Puts the 2016 Primary in the Palm of Your Hand

Oct 30, 2015

NHPR is making it easier than ever to stay up to date on everything political in the Granite State, including the First in the Nation Primary, with the launch of our new State of Democracy iPhone app.

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The State of Democracy App is sponsored in part by the New Hampshire Primary Student Convention. January 4th-6th, 2016

According to Betsy Gardella, NHPR's President & CEO, “This app is a long-term investment in our commitment to not only bring our listeners engaging radio programs, but provide them with an interactive experience with up-to-the moment information.”

The State of Democracy app contains information and daily insight analysis into New Hampshire politics, closely following the First in the Nation Presidential Primary. It allows users a quick and convenient way to get in depth coverage and access the information most important to them, including news from the campaign trail, candidate bios and updated finance data, a calendar and maps with information about candidate appearances, an audio feature to listen to relevant sound bites; and the Daily Political Note, an in-app newsletter highlighting the most interesting story of the day.

“At NHPR, we recognize the changing landscape of media and are investing in creating a more robust digital experience for our audience,” said Rebecca Lavoie, NHPR’s Digital Director. “This app is a convenient way political junkies both inside and outside of New Hampshire can access the most up to date, relevant politics coverage, event information, and campaign data in a single place.”

The app features an interactive map and calendar of upcoming campaign events.

Reading this story on your iPhone or iPad? Click here to download the app.  

The new app is part of NHPR’s State of Democracy initiative, a multi-platform enterprise journalism unit that focuses on the impact of politics and public policy on the lives of the people of New Hampshire and beyond. Sarah Ashworth, News Director, and Dan Barrick, Senior Editor for Politics and Public Policy, are leading this charge, building upon NHPR’s existing radio and digital coverage to add more in-depth and investigative reporting, digital-only features, and data journalism.

The State of Democracy app is currently available for Apple devices and can be downloaded through the iTunes store.

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