At N.H. Rally, Pence Promises Trump Will Fill Supreme Court Vacancy | New Hampshire Public Radio

At N.H. Rally, Pence Promises Trump Will Fill Supreme Court Vacancy

Sep 23, 2020

Vice President Mike Pence, shown here in a 2018 photo, rallied Republican supporters in Gilford, N.H., on Tuesday.
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Vice President Mike Pence rallied a crowd of several hundred at Laconia Airport Tuesday. As NHPR's Josh Rogers reports, Pence stressed a few core Republican issues when making the case for President Trump's re-election.

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Pence emphasized New Hampshire’s role in launching Trump in the 2016 primary. He also stressed what he cast as the administration’s unstinting support for police, the military, and for putting conservative judges on the bench whenever the opportunity arises.

“This Saturday, President Trump is going to nominate another principled conservative, a woman to the Supreme Court of the United States," he said. "And after the United States Senate fulfills their duty to advise and consent, we are going to fill that seat."

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Pence argued that electing Joe Biden would result in a president captive to the liberal wing of his party. Pence also defended the Trump administration’s handling of the coronavirus pandemic - which has now claimed 200,000 American lives.

"I know in my heart that we have saved hundreds of thousands of American lives," Pence said.

Air Force Two, which was carrying the Vice President, returned to Manchester-Boston Regional Airport shortly after taking off last night. The plane reportedly returned after a bird strike; Reporters said Pence and his staff boarded a separate plane back to Joint Base Andrews.

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