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N.H. Lawmakers Again Push To Change Redistricting Rules

Jan 28, 2020

Credit Sara Plourde for NHPR

Supporters of redistricting reform in New Hampshire are making another push to put political map-making in the hands of an independent commission rather than lawmakers.

A similar proposal earned widespread bipartisan support last year, but was ultimately vetoed by Governor Chris Sununu.

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Durham Representative Marjorie Smith, who has been leading the charge to change how New Hampshire draws its political districts, said Tuesday that she has reached out repeatedly to the governor’s office to try to address his concerns about the policy, but the governor has not taken her up on those offers.

"He is gambling that his party will be in the majority, and he will again be able to skew the districts," she said.

Sununu’s office did not respond to questions about Smith’s comments or the redistricting policy more broadly.

This year's proposal for an independent redistricting commission has both Democratic and Republican sponsors.