NH Delegation Votes For Payroll Tax Extension

Feb 17, 2012

In a rare bipartisan vote every member of the New Hampshire Congressional delegation voted to extend a payroll tax holiday for millions of average workers.

The payroll bill wasn’t released publicly until last night and many members studied it until late in the evening. 

The bill puts around one thousand dollars into the pockets of average workers.

Many Republicans didn’t like that the tax cut wasn’t paid for and comes from money that’s intended for the Social Security Trust Fund.

But Second District Republican Congressman Charlie Bass says it was important to pass the bill so that Congress can move onto other pressing matters.

“Obviously I’d loved to have seen the payroll tax holiday paid for but that’s part of the process of trying to get the issue resolved,” Bass said.

Other parts of the bill were paid for by forcing new government hires to pay more to their pensions. The legislation also extends long-term unemployment benefits and keeps doctors who get paid through Medicare from taking a deep pay cut.