N.H. Attorney General To Release New Info On Bear Brook Murders

22 hours ago

State Police say they will be revealing new information Thursday about a decades-old case from Allenstown known as the Bear Brook murders.

The mystery dates back to 1985 when the remains of two victims were found inside a barrel just outside Bear Brook state park. Two more bodies were found on the same site in 2000.


Editor's note: This case is the subject of the NHPR podcast Bear Brook. To listen to the podcast or to get a preview of the episode dropping after the press conference, click here.

The victims are an adult female believed to have been between the ages of 23-33 and three little girls with estimated age ranges of 5-11, 2-4, 1-3. The adult, oldest child, and youngest child were found to be maternally related.

The case was one of the first to see the use of a new forensic technique called genetic genealogy which identified serial killer Terry Peder Rasmussen in 2017 as the likely murderer in the case. Rasmussen was also discovered to be the father of the middle, unrelated child victim.

Despite the breakthrough, the identities of the victims have remained unknown.