Likely State Water Standards Not Safe Enough, Says Harvard Research Fellow

Aug 24, 2016

The PFOA compound is contaminating water in Southern NH, Southeastern NH, and across the nation and world.
Credit public domain / wikimedia commons

The state’s Department of Environmental Services is going through the public comments as it weighs how much of the contaminants PFOA and PFOS to allow in drinking water in the state. These are the chemicals that have contaminated wells in Southern NH, on the former Pease Air Force Base, and countless other locations around the country and the world. 

 Courtney Carignan is one of many residents who weighed in on the new drinking water standard. Carignan lives in Portsmouth and is a research fellow at Harvard's Chan School of Public Health, where she focuses on Environmental Health. She has been vocal in her concerns about these contaminants, and submitted her comments to the state Department of Environmental Services last Friday.  NHPR's Emily Corwin, who has been following PFC contamination in New Hampshire, asked Carignan about her letter to state regulators. Read the comments she submitted to New Hampshire's Department of Environmental Services, below.

 Read Carignan's letter to NHDES: