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Intriguing: Top 2017 Science and Tech Stories

Dec 20, 2017

We discuss the top stories in science, technology, the environment and energy in New Hampshire in the past year.  From the eclipse that captivated the nation's attention to the biofabrication industry gaining steam in the Manchester Millyard, we look at top stories nationally and in New Hampshire, including extreme weather, solar power, and a bitcoin bubble.  Plus intriguing discoveries in outer space and in the human body.


Learn more about the Science News Top 10 Science Stories of 2017:

#1 neutron stars collide

#2. gene editing of human embryos       

#3. Larsen C ice shelf break

#4. Human origins revised

#5. TRAPPIST-1 – seven new possibly life-friendly worlds

# 6. Quantum communication

#7. Climate change causing less nutrition in food crops?

#8. Gene therapies treating patients with leukemia and lymphoma

#9. CTE showing up in football players brains postmortem

#10.  Zika virus subsides