The Future of Great Bay

Jul 23, 2012

Often called New Hampshire’s “hidden coast, the Great Bay is considered an estuary of national significance. Yet, its future seems in question both because pollution has taken a toll on its ecosystem and because nearby communities, activists, and officials can’t agree on how best to eradicate it, even as all realize something must be done. We'll look at the Great Bay debate and see if some sort of compromise can be made?


  • Peter Wellenberger - the Conservation Law Foundation’s Great Bay-Piscataqua Waterkeeper. CLF supports strict nitrogen requirements in the Great Bay.
  • Dean Peschel - Environmental consultant for the Great Bay Municipal Coalition, which is seeking a more gradual approach to lowering nitrogen levels in the Great Bay. The Coalition includes Exeter, Dover, Rochester, Portsmouth, and Newmarket.
  • Jonathan Pennock - Associate Professor of Natural Resources & the Environment at UNH and director of the Jackson Estuarine Laboratory.

We'll also hear from

  • Peter Rice - Deputy Director of Public Works for Portsmouth.
  • Ted Diers, Watershed Bureau Administrator for the New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services.