Environmental Groups Ask EPA to Investigate Schiller Plant Emissions

Apr 3, 2012

Environmental groups in New Hampshire and Maine want the EPA to investigate sulfur dioxide emissions at a power plant in Portsmouth.

Sierra Club chapters in the two states are mounting a petition drive.

It asks the EPA to look into the possible effect of the emissions on asthma cases in the Seacoast regions of the two states.

The groups contend that sulfur dioxide emitted by the Schiller Plant could be adding to respiratory illnesses, especially in Maine.

But Martin Murray, spokesman for PSNH says that an examination of the plant isn't necessary.

“They want to blame Schiller Station for Asthma rates in neighboring York County, but asthma rates there are the lowest of any county in all of Maine, according to the Sierra Clubs own source.”

Murray says that improvements at the plant have actually reduced sulfur dioxide emissions by over 50 percent since 2005  

One of the three boilers at the plant burns wood chips.