Competitor Challenges Northern Pass Claims On Jobs

Jan 23, 2012

A new study says far fewer jobs will be created by the Northern Pass than the utility has forecast, according to StateImpact, a project between NHPR and NPR.

Here’s part of Amanda Loder’s report:

“Today, the New England Power Generators Association released a report it commissioned from PolEcon Research.  The Association is one of the major opponents of the Northern Pass project. 

“Unsurprisingly, the report found the jobs created by the project will be much less than the utility group claims.  According to a Power Point presentation accompanying the release, PolEcon found:

“•Job impacts one-half the magnitude estimated in other studies.

•A few, large, nationwide electrical contractors dominate the work on transmission projects in New England.

•Spending by out-of-state workers produces a large portion of job impacts.

•Northern NH will capture fewer jobs per mile of transmission line construction than Central and Southern NH counties.

•Job impacts of the proposed project will add about 1/10th of one percent (.001) to NH’s employment growth rate during peak construction activity.”

For the complete story and information from the reports go here:

For an NHPR report by Sam Evans-Brown: