Biden Is 'Making Every Move' To Enter 2016 Race

An NBC/Wall Street Journal poll out this week shows Vice President Joe Biden with a better chance of defeating top Republican presidential candidates than Democratic Party candidate Hillary Clinton.

Supporters of Biden have been hiring staff in early-primary states and urging him to run. But Biden himself has said that he’s not emotionally ready to enter the race, after the recent death of his son. Yet his schedule of public events – meeting with world leaders and key party constituencies, such as Hispanic and union voters, makes him look like a presidential candidate.

Wall Street Journal political editor Jeanne Cummings tells Here & Now’s Jeremy Hobson that Biden “is still wrestling, but he is making every move” to enter the race. Hobson also speaks with Democratic strategist Jeff Link.


  • Jeanne Cummings, political editor for The Wall Street Journal. She tweets @JeanneCummings.
  • Jeff Link, Democratic strategist in Iowa, who is unaligned in the 2016 race. He worked on the first Biden presidential race in 1987. He tweets @linkiowa.
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