The Best Family Cars, SUVs & Minivans

Mar 18, 2014

"These are your kids; they're precious cargo." - Jamie Page Deaton

These days, family cars are equipped with all sorts of bells and whistles: from text message alerts to - vacuum cleaners? It might sound superfluous, but mother and family car test driver Jamie Page Deaton tells us why the vacuum cleaner - and other family car extras - can be incredibly useful in unexpected life moments. While she appreciates those extra perks, her top two concerns when test driving family cars, SUVs, and minivans are safety and space.

Listen to Virginia Prescott's conversation with Jamie Page Deaton and click Read more to see the full list of best family cars.

Here is Jamie Page Deaton's list of best family cars, SUVs, and minivans.


"As a parent, you can really preempt a lot of battles before they happen if everybody has enough room to get along." - Jamie Page Deaton

SUVS and Minivans